Starting from Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast, this amazing Mar Amar boat tour to Capri will help you discover the most beautiful place of the coast before navigating to Capri, the most famous island of the Gulf of Naples.


In the Amalfi Coast there are some real natural spectacles along the rocky coastline where, from time to time, you see some little pebble beaches and several ravines appearing: these hide deep caves with really cold water, whose seabed is full of fish of all species. 

We will sail along the coast small villages that used to be inhabited by fishermen and their families: in the last century, these villages have become the favorite destination of holidaymakers from all over the world. It is indeed easy to be attracted by the mild climate and by the beauty and peculiarity of this territory where, in centuries of history and maritime tradition, its hard-working inhabitants managed to enlight every peculiarity of the coast: from food to craftsmanship, from music to folklore, from art to architecture. 

Every corner of this Divine Coast - declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 - will be able to amaze you and give you memories you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. 

Among the wonders you will be able to admire in our Capri boat tour from Positano there is the Fiordo di Furore. A long beach wedged between two tall vertical rocky walls, crossable only thanks to a 30 meters bridge, that also allows the transit of the long Amalfitan highway, the panoramic and scenic route that connects the 13 cities of the Amalfi Coast.
From this bridge every year, in July, professional sportsmen from all over the world dive for a fantastic diving competition from great heights. Their dive can reach the speed of 100 km per hour.  

The places we will visit during the boat tour to Capri from Positano

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After the discovery of a nature still in its wild state with its emerald sea and rocky ridges where the colorful houses are perched overlooking the sea and the churches have magnificent majolica domes, we will head to Capri, the blue island, to touch the most beautiful points of interest: the Green Grotto, the White Grotto, and the Blue Grotto: the most beautiful and also the most visited grotto in Capri. This is a marine cave of about 25 meters by 60 which is accessed by a very low entrance - less than a meter high - which forces visitors to lie down on a small rowboat that is slipped inside by the boatmen to go through it. What you will see once you enter the cave is marvelous. Thanks to the sunlight that, filtering from an old entrance now submerged, is reflected inside the cave in a thousand shades of blue that make the atmosphere magical and the seawater of bright and iridescent colors.

The Faraglioni are also a true symbol of Capri. These are three rocks that emerge from the sea, south-east of the island. They are very famous and are immortalized every day by tourists from all over the world who take pictures from the viewpoint of the famous Giardini di Augusto, located in the Municipality of Anacapri. 

We will pass under the Faraglione di Mezzo (the Faraglione in the middle), the only one of the three with a hollow in the center to enable crossing, for a nice souvenir photo.
There will be free time for swimming and snorkeling nearby.

Once in Marina Grande, the tourist port of the island, you will be able to make a stop in Capri for shopping or for a stop in the Piazzetta (known as “the living room of the world”), where you can enjoy the best coffee in one of the bars overlooking it. If you’re in luck you will perhaps have as a neighbor one of the many famous people who flock to the VIP island every summer.

Your skipper will pamper you throughout the crossing with our special services on board: fresh fruit, snacks, soft drinks, prosecco, and limoncello.

Upon returning from this fantastic boat tour to Capri from Positano, lulled by the waves and with the wind in your hair, we will toast to the most beautiful and unforgettable day of your holidays in Italy.

Each boat excursion by Mar Amar Boat is customizable according to your wishes: you decide the places you want to visit. Our skippers will accompany you with courtesy and professionalism to discover what we are sure will become some of your favorite places in the world.

Our services during excursion

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Mar Amar Boat Sorrento


Mar Amar Boat Sorrento