The Capri boat tour from Sorrento is our most popular tour and it will lead you to discover the most beautiful island in Italy, a small jewel, rich in natural beauty and a tourist destination of excellence.


A Mar Amar Boat skipper will welcome you on board and after a short navigation along the Sorrento coast towards Punta Campanella, we will reach a small bay on whose rocky ridge are the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa, the villa of Pollio Felice.

Along the Sorrento coast, you can admire ancient fishing villages such as Marina Grande di Sorrento and Marina del Cantone, characteristic for their wooden piers. On these piers, you will find many famous restaurants where you can eat the freshest fish in the world cooked with simple and ancient recipes.

Our boat tour from Sorrento will continue by sailing to Capri. This island will amaze you with its beauty, unchanged since the times of the ancient Romans, who had chosen the island for their summer holidays.

Circumnavigating Capri you will be able to admire dozens of coves, bays, and caves that will be described to you by our crew: The Green Grotto with its emerald waters, the White Grotto, the Arco Naturale (Natural Arch), and the Punta Carena Lighthouse.


The places we will visit during the boat tour to Capri

Mar Amar Boat Sorrento

We will then pass by the Faraglioni, the three famous stacks that emerge from the water, specifically we will go through the Faraglione di Mezzo (the middle one), for a fantastic souvenir picture for you to take home from this beautiful excursion to Capri. This Faraglione is an 81-meter high rock with a central cavity, crossed every day by hundreds of boats. This Faraglione, together with the Faraglione di Fuori and the Faraglione di Terra represent the most famous symbol of the island.

Once in Marina Grande, the tourist port of the island, you will be able to make a stop in Capri to go shopping, visit the elegant and colorful little streets, and have a break in the Piazzetta. The Capri’s Piazzetta (literally little square) is also known as “the living room of the world” because here it is not uncommon to meet VIPs and celebrities that have made Capri their favorite place for their holidays.

During the boat tour we will stop in some small coves to dive, snorkel and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the blue island, a name Capri earned because of the intense color of its most visited cave, the Blue Grotto, and for the famous blue lizard that lives on the Faraglione di Fuori, the only habitat for this rare species.

Back in Sorrento from this fantastic excursion to Capri there will be a stop at Punta Campanella to snorkel in the waters of this protected stretch of coast populated by fish of all kinds. With a little luck, you may even spot dolphins.

Your skipper will pamper you throughout the sailing, with our special services on-board: fresh fruits, snacks, soft drinks, prosecco, and limoncello.

Each boat excursion by Mar Amar Boat is customizable according to your wishes: you decide the places you want to visit. Our skippers will accompany you with courtesy and professionalism to discover what we are sure will become some of your favorite places in the world.

Our services during excursion

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Mar Amar Boat Sorrento


Mar Amar Boat Sorrento